cropped-MSC_09051.jpgFive years have passed since Franky Fitz Psycho Kidz had released their first album. For the five musicians a lot has changed in the meantime. The circumstances are no longer the same as they used to be, however, change is always the basis for new opportunities and the beginning of new challenges.
„I’m wondering why, the world is still turning day and night, if we’re not able to change, we have to confess that we are those to blame“
Despite the many difficulties that the past year held for all of us, or maybe precisely for this reason, FFPK found the time to create new sounds and put them on tape in the usual professional atmosphere. Four new songs break the triviality of common conventions: Smooth piano play comes as a relief to powerful guitars riffs and subtle synthesizer sounds. Vibrant drums and rich bass lines refine the forceful vocal melody of the singer. The topics, which find their place in the songs, are sincere and timeless.
As in their first album, FFPK create a broad sound experience with their new EP „Ink on Dr. James “ that tries to capture energy and passion alike. Or to put it another way: „We damn play what we think is right. Cheers“